“I want to build up my books, can you help?”

“I want to build up my books, can you help?”

I get that Q asked all the time from other hairstylists!! ✂️

This is the thing: if you’re not showing up online regularly (on FREE platforms – IG/FB, etc.) your business won’t succeed. 😨

Why do I say that? If you’re booked up, you’re eventually going to burn out. How do you scale then? How do you let ALL of your clients know what you’re changing in your biz? Sure, you could tell each one of them when they’re in your chair…

But why not be more efficient?🤔

Instead… you could make sure they’re following you on social and when you showcase a new service/price change/hours of operation they will ALL see it. 💃

Plus, it’s a great way to be creative and market yourself OUTSIDE of being behind the chair. Did I mention this can be done on your couch while you’re sipping a cup of coffee on the days you don’t see clients??? Rest those feet, my friend!👠

If you’re trying to build up your books, why not showcase what you know about styling hair to the handful of clients you already have or the potential clients that ARE following you online?

Do a hair tutorial, share how you organize your toolkit, or talk about the amazing benefits of the products you sell!

Got questions? Comment below and let me see if I can help!