Wanna know something kinda personal?

Wanna know something kinda personal?

I try REALLY hard. I’ve been known to vacuum after our cleaning lady leaves just to get every speck of dust off the freshly washed floor! 🤣😜😳

And when it comes to my business, I’m no different.💁‍♀️

When my clients are elated with their hair, I’m elated.💇‍♀️

When my students feel confident, organized and excited after going through Glamhairus Academy, I do a happy dance around my living room!🕺

Take Tiffany for example, after going through the Academy she said:

“I now create time for a morning routine, which is a great way to start the day off. I’m more organized and I don’t stay late at the salon anymore because I want to spend more time with my kids. AND I’m making between $800-$1000 more a month now! I felt stuck and burned out for years and the Academy helped me change all of that!”

(Happy dancing right now😍!)

Now you…. Share something personal with me by commenting below.