A reboot on self-talk



How do you feel about it? Are you a “recovered perfectionist” like me?


Inside my online programs, I invite the members to think of perfectionism like this:


👉🏼 Did I do the best I could?

👉🏼 If I did, then I’m not going to beat myself up and I’m going to move on!

👉🏼 If I didn’t do my best, then why? Did I not allow enough time for the project? Was I overwhelmed and/or sidetracked with other important things? Is that project or task just not a priority to me like other tasks or responsibilities are?


We tend to be perfectionists as hairstylists- that’s what makes us GREAT stylists!


So keep going with those killer haircuts and color! 


BUT- when it comes to social media there’s no need for perfectionism!❌ I always remind my students (and myself), 80% good and on your social media account is better that 100% perfect and still in your phone!📱


Here’s one example of how it looks in my business…


I have a 7 month old daughter and we live in a loft- which means there’s no doors or privacy except for in the bathrooms.


Half of the time, I’m recording an Instagram Reels video in the (almost) dark with no, or minimal, sound because the baby is sleeping. (I work when she’s sleeping. :))


Do my Reels look amazing? No. 


Am I offbeat sometimes? Yes. 


But… I put them up anyway. 😎


I’m super curious, does this resonate with you at all, my friend? Comment below with “YES” so I know that I’m not alone. 




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