Increase your bottom line now with this simple strategy

Now that it’s a brand new year, let’s try out a few healthy NEW habits, my friend! ✨


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Do me a favor, try one of these three things before you go and get distracted or busy with other responsibilities:


1️⃣ Get in the habit now of practicing time blocking. This exercise helps with time management and overwhelm. It’s simple and effective, here’s the breakdown… Every Sunday write down what’s important to get done for the week (personal and professional)! Put the task in your schedule for a specific amount of time. Set a timer and don’t get distracted while you’re taking care of the task.


2️⃣ Implement the 90/90 Rule: 90% of your clients should be buying 90% of your products and services! (If you never heard of it before, it’s because I made it up!😜) Make a list of all the clients on your books for the following week and next to their name write down the product or service that they’re scheduled to get from you. Next to that, write down ONE additional product or service that they aren’t currently getting from you that you think they would benefit from. Make yourself a note to talk to them about it when they’re in your chair.


3️⃣ Implement the 5 minute morning routine. Every morning, give yourself 5 minutes BEFORE you check your texts, your DM’s, your email notifications or even before you do the dishes. Sit and sip your coffee or your tea or your lemon water and just chill. This is a great time to read your morning affirmations, journal, meditate, or just simply look out the window and enjoy what you see.


So tell me by commenting below, which idea resonates most with you? 1, 2, or 3?