Attract who you want in your chair with this strategy

4-6% of your followers will see your posts on social media. 🙊 Yikes!


Crazy, right?! 


We can’t control the algorithm, but we CAN control how we proactively market our amazing products and services. 




Here’s two options (and I recommend both):


1️⃣ Post regularly online. Make sure to respond to every comment and be clear who your ideal client is. This way, when you create a post or are interacting with your followers, you’re clear about WHO you want in your chair and THEY buy from you!  


2️⃣ Send out consistent, permission-based emails to the clients (and potential clients) who WANT to hear from you and be on your newsletter list! 




Because 100% of your marketing content will be seen when you send out emails to people who want to hear from you (not 4-6%)! 


I taught a really fun class on how to fill up your books by turning followers into customers… access it here!


Check it out and take advantage of the offer, it’s got a LOT of good information in it! I promise, you won’t be disappointed. 🙂



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