Try this to start your new year off right

What I WISH I knew when I first started out 👇🏻

Invest in your education!

That what would have saved me YEARS of time, energy and money. Put skin in the game and learn how to run a dang business instead of tryingggg to figure it all out yourself. 

That’s what I wish I would have done.

And, frankly, that’s why I created Glamhairus Academy and our Monthly Membership program. I did NOT want to see other Hairstylists go through what I went through.

So I packaged what I knew about being a hairstylist for 26 years and a business owner for 13 years into my online programs. 💃🏽

The most recent Glamhairus Academy class just graduated last week, and they got an invite to keep learning with me inside our Monthly Membership program. 🥰

During group coaching last week, I asked the ladies to share 3 words to describe how they felt before joining the Academy and 3 words to describe how they’re feeling now, and here’s what some of them said….


Bored, burned-out, no direction, frustrated, isolated, knew there was more but had no idea how to get there.


Free, excited, inspired, confident, more clarity.

That’s pretty exciting! That much change in 9 weeks, imagine where we can go if we keep educating ourselves. ✨

I love every second of coaching. And I really love coaching a group of like-minded stylists who are big hearted, multi-passionate entrepreneurs- just like ME! It lights up my soul. 💜

What lights you up? Comment below and let me know.


P.S. Happy New Year! 🎉 Can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for you!