How to upsell to your current clients while providing more value

“My clients want to buy their hair products on Amazon!” 😱😱😱


If your clients say that 🔼 to you, try this:


1️⃣ Make a list of all the clients that are on your books for the next two weeks.


2️⃣ Next to their name, write down the products they are currently getting from you.


3️⃣ Next to that, write down ONE product that you could upsell to them at their next appointment.


4️⃣ Before they come in for their appointment, send them a text saying, “Can’t wait to see you at your next haircut appointment. I just got this awesome shampoo and conditioner in, remind me to show it to you when you come in to see me!”


5️⃣ Before they walk in for the appointment, put the product on your station. This way you won’t forget to talk to them about it, and they can smell it/touch it/feel it. 


Remember friend, it’s OUR job to inform our clients about what products work best for their hair! It’s not their job to do the research.


▶️ Think of yourself as your clients’ hair doctor. ✂️✂️✂️


So tell me, will you try this strategy out? Comment “YES” if you’re going to implement this in your business!