What’s your why?

Do you want to know what my “why” is?

I created my online program because I was SO stinkin’ frustrated in my OWN business.

I was frustrated that:

✔️ I was working so hard and barely making enough $ to pay the bills

✔️ I had disrespectful clients in my chair and I was afraid to “fire” them

✔️I didn’t know how to run the “business” side of my company and I relied on everyone else’s opinion which led me down way to many rabbit holes (and cost me a lot of $!)

✔️I had NO clue how to market my awesome services online

Once I figured all of this out, I wondered if other stylists were struggling like I was. ✂️ 

THAT inspired me to create my online program, Glamhairus Academy. 💃

When stylists go through my program and feel like they have clear direction, confidence, accountability AND they’re making more money in their business…. aaahh that makes my heart melt. It makes me proud of what I created and excited for the future! ❣️❣️❣️

So how about you, what’s your “why”? Comment below!