How to stand out from the crowd

Did you know that I was featured on WGN Morning News?

I have proof.😉 Check out the behind-the-scenes video below…

Did someone spot me out in a crowd and say, “we need Gina to be featured on the news and share what she knows about Wardrobe Editing!”


Do you want to know how I got on this segment that thousands of people watched?!

I hired a Publicist.🙌🏻

Now, I’m a trained Professional Hairstylist. I have no formal education when it comes to fashion. BUT, I own my own business and created an appointment where I helped my clients shop in their own closet and I called it Wardrobe Editing. I sold custom accessories to my clients as well.

I wanted to be featured on the news to showcase what I know about an appointment that I was passionate about and my clients were hiring me for.

The reason why I share this info with you is that if I can bring my outside passions into my business, so can YOU!

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I’m sharing exactly how I started and created my custom wig, accessory, and clip-in extension line!  (a.k.a. I brought my outside passion INTO my business and made money on it!)💃💃 #worksmarternotharder

Watch the WGN Morning News behind-the-scenes video here!