How to incorporate your outside passion into your business

Hello hello my friend…
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Recently I featured a fellow hairstylist, Tasha, and her question was:
“I have a new service that I have not had a lot of practice with. However I have someone inquiring about the service… how can I communicate this to the client without discouraging the client and how or should this be a free service?”
I’ve had a LOT of practice (over the last 12 years in my own business) incorporating outside passions of mine into my business while making money on them.✂️
In my opinion, it simply comes down to how you market the new product or service to your client while she’s in your chair AND how you promote it online.
Here’s a few outside passions I’ve incorporated into my business over the years:
➡️ wardrobe editing
➡️ selling custom wigs, clip-in extensions and custom accessories
➡️ in-home beauty parties
➡️ hair styling lessons

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