Collaborate with people you can learn from

I love sharing sneak peeks of my creative process, but the star of my show is without question, my team! ⭐

Without them, my online programs wouldn’t be possible. That’s why I’m taking a moment to celebrate the best of the best…

👉 My VA/OBM (virtual assistant/online business manager) 

-Trish manages everything that is detail orientated, tech-related, and involves implementation. She helps my “big ideas” come to life! She creates spreadsheets and google drives for everything which helps keep my entire business organized. 

👉 My Facebook Ads Specialist

-Irina helps facilitate everything that goes into running ads for my business! She helps me define my specific goals, creates a timeline, and keeps my team and I on track! She delivers exactly what she commits to delivering. 

👉 My Graphic Designer  

-Jackie has designed everything from the layout of the pictures and graphics inside Glamhairus Academy, to the PDFs included in my programs to custom cover photos for my social media pages. 

👉 My Video Editor 

-Sarah edits videos for ads that we run when I’m launching my online program. 

👉 Last but most certainly not least, my office manager and best friend, Vinnie. He is ALL in with Glamhairus and believes in it wholeheartedly.❣️

As far as I’m concerned, that deserves the warmest thanks and shoutout of all. 

Who’s been making a difference in your life recently? Comment below and let me know!


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