It’s time to reintroduce yourself

I coach many small business owners inside my private Facebook group and often they have a hard time knowing what to say other than, “before and after hair”, when they’re posting on social media.

I can totally relate!🤦🏻‍♀️ I used to stare at the screen too, thinking, “I have NO idea what to write on this dang post!”

I think it’s such a great way to take the creativity that’s inside your head and inside your heart and get it OUT there online (while marketing your amazing services)! #winwin 🎉

After my students graduate Glamhairus Academy, I invite them for ongoing support while they implement in the Glamhairus Academy Monthly Membership. 

In the Membership, I share customizable templates every week that the members can share on their social media pages. This makes posting on FREE platforms (like Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok) easy and efficient!

Well… Good news, friend! Today, I’m sharing one of the customizable templates with you!💃🏻

I think it’s a great idea to introduce, or reintroduce yourself, on social media every month or so. 

So go for it! Use the template below and share it on your social accounts and watch your engagement multiply.💁🏻‍♀️

How to implement:

* copy and paste the template below

* share it to the notes section of your phone (or add it directly to your social account)

* fill in the blanks (make it customizable to your business and your personality)

* and POST

>> Make sure you tag me in the post so I can cheer you on!!<<

Here’s your customizable introduction template:


Hi there! Welcome to ____ {your account}! I’m a ____ {your profession} and here you’ll learn about ____ {all things hair/my passion for hair/etc.} including tips on ____ {how to curl your hair/how to style your naturally curly hair/etc.}!

Aside from business, I live in _____ {your town} with _____. When I’m not _____ {making magic behind the chair/installing extensions all day long/etc.} or _____ {doing makeovers on my beautiful clients/catching up with my clients}, I spend my days _____ {what you do for fun}.  

As you can see, you’ll get a glimpse into my life AND business on this page!

Now tell me about you in the comments below… what do you do and what’s your favorite non-work-related hobby?


I hope you’re excited about playing around with this template, friend! Happy posting!


P.S. Head on over to my Instagram account for some inspiration on how to get your followers to talk back to you.