The ONE mistake many big hearted, multi-passionate entrepreneurs are making.

“I want world domination!” Is what Missy shared with me in a recent coaching call.

I gotta say, I LOVE her passion and enthusiasm! (Sounds a lot like me. :)) 💃

Friend, I work with SO many big hearted ❤️ entrepreneurs whether they are in my paid programs or I’m getting to know them and they’re inside my private Facebook group where I coach them for free.

You see, Missy is making the ONE mistake many big hearted, multi-passionate entrepreneurs are making. And I used to do the EXACT same thing.😱

Ready for it? I’m about to spill the tea…

She is working 60+ hours a week behind the chair and she can’t possibly create a plan, have the time to strategize or implement any of her big picture goals.

When I asked what world domination meant to her, it involved growing a team, mentoring/teaching new stylists and having many more salons!

If Missy doesn’t step back significantly from her current schedule, she’s not ever going to get there. PLUS, she needs to raise her prices so she can create the same income to “keep the lights on” while she cuts back with 1:1 clients.

The best part: IT’S ALL POSSIBLE!🙌

I’m telling you, this interview is JAM packed with goodies. Listen to it while you’re cleaning the house, going for a walk or getting ready for work. You’re NOT going to want to pass this up! 🎉

Click play here:

Highlights from the training:

1:55 it’s hard to look at my business as a job because I love it so much
2:14 I almost feel guilty charging people to do their hair
3:07 the major reframe mindset I need to implement
7:41 where this old limiting belief came from
9:28 I guess I have to slow down to achieve this
12:20 I may need accountability! I will accomplish this goal by ____.
18:14 charging reframe: product usage vs time it takes
18:53 how to scale your business once you have your pricing consistent
19:51 charge the way your dentist charges you
34:55 what to do if you have a lackluster online presence
35:40 What’s more important? A website/IG/Tiktok
41:34 start with 2 platforms, make it simple
42:47 why sharing your hobbies online is a good strategy
44:10 why time blocking is so important

Here’s the link again

After watching, come back here and let me know which idea resonated with you the most!


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