Quit when business is slow?

Every week I host other hairstylists and small business owners on my Ask Me Anything show! I coach them one-on-one in a Live video and answer their burning questions. 🙂
It’s a way for me to give back to my community and hopefully inspire and encourage others while sharing strategies and tactical steps to help them with their problem. 
During a recent Ask Me Anything call a few weeks ago, Jennifer had a few questions for me!
Here’s what they were:
▶️ How hard was it for you to start your own business?
▶️  Did you want to quit when it was slow or think maybe it wasn’t meant to be?
▶️ Did you have your own shop by yourself when you started out?
▶️  I’m in a small town about 8-10 thousand people and so many salons and a beauty school, so there’s a lot of competition.
Curious as to what my answers were? 
Great! (I knew you were.😉)
Check out this video where I answered her Q’s!
After watching, come back here and leave a comment below. I’d like to know which idea resonated with you the most!
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