Try THIS the next time you’re stressed out about what to wear

Is this you??

You’re a busy gal. You’re a wife, a mom, a dog-mom AND you work full time. You have a family event coming up. You want to look fabulous because you haven’t seen these people in a hot minute. Plus, you know they’ll be loads of pictures on social media, and you want to look good in them. You don’t have time to get in for a hair appointment because you are busy and now you’re kind of freaking out.

No dress, bad hair-aaahh! 🙊

You even think to yourself, “I can trim my own bangs or I can just touch up my own color.”

You haven’t treated yourself to a cute new party dress or a fun outfit in a while, and the last five dresses that you did just order look ehh on you!

What’s a girl to do?! 🤷‍♀️

Let’s weigh out the two options:

In the worst case scenario you’d feel like this:

  • panicked, because there’s too much to do and not enough time
  • indecisive, because you have no idea what to wear or where to even start shopping
  • uncomfortable, because the new dresses that you’ve ordered don’t fit properly and aren’t the color or material you had hoped
  • disappointed because you’re afraid that your overall style will not be as flattering on you as you had hoped
  • bummed because you spent money on a dress that you’ll probably never wear again
  • boring because you did your hair the exact same way you always have done it

Best case scenario you’d feel like this:

  • excited that you put on that old dress you haven’t worn in a while and realized it still fits pretty darn good
  • pumped that you have an easy new hairstyle that coordinates with your look that you did ALL by yourself
  • style savvy because you purchased a statement necklace and a purse that you love, and you know you’ll wear both of them again and again
  • creative because you styled your own hair completely different than you usually would have
  • gutsy because you finally rocked that bold lip color that’s been in your makeup kit for months
  • empowered because the next time this happens you know you’ll feel confident and hot as heck 

So…panicked, indecisive and disappointed OR excited, creative and empowered???

If you’re an option B type of gal, all you need to do is to book an appointment with me for a styling lesson or styling “sesh” or wardrobe editing consultation! (Call it what you’d like, it doesn’t matter to me)

Check out some testimonials AND how a wardrobe editing session goes down.


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