How to be more creative with your time

Hi friend!

Wanna know a secret? 🤫

My workspace is anywhere my iPhone is, so you’ll often find me hustling in the line at the grocery store, waiting at a doctor’s appointment or on the couch while my honey watches golf (basically anywhere with some good WiFi). 🙌

Add a yummy cup of coffee with vanilla flavored cream, and I’m a working machine! ☕

You see, I believe time is our most important commodity. We only have one glorious precious life and, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to waste ONE second of it! 💃🏽

I’ve learned to be creative with little pockets of time, so when I’m “off the clock” I can be truly present with whatever I’m doing.

For example, when I’m feeling overwhelmed or like I have TOO many plates in the air, I ask myself this: Can I eliminate the task, delegate it or duplicate it?

Let me break it down…

▶️ Eliminate: It’s not important (at least not right now)! Take it off the schedule completely or move it to a much later date! 

▶️ Delegate: Who can help me with this task? If it’s work related, can my graphic designer or virtual assistant jump in and take care of it? If it’s personal, can my fiancé or my Mom help out?

▶️ Duplicate: If I have several clients ask me the same question, I create an email template and use that to answer their questions. For example, when my clients ask me specifics about the custom clip-in extensions I sell… (How long do they last? What length do they come in? How much do they cost?) I send over my draft email with the FAQ’s and include a link to my website with more information and pictures about the extensions!

Easy breezyyyy… 🙌

What’s the recipe for your success, friend?


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