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Unpopular opinion: 

Washing your hair every day is a good idea! 

Sure, I would love to have fresh, clean locks, but who’s got the time to go through the whole washing/conditioning/blow drying process every single day!? Plus- it’s bad for your scalp! (This goes for men, too!) 💪🏻

Besides, if you’re using the right products on your hair you should only have to wash your mane at MOST 3 times a week!

So how often are you washing your hair, friend? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Let me switch gears for a moment…

I truly believe that we’re all creative beings.

To spark your creativity TODAY, I’ve shared my top 5 favorite podcast episodes right here! Go check them out!!

Being different is your strength:

How to stay ahead of the game:

Practice makes perfect:

A case of the comparsies: 

It’s time to stop beating yourself up and move on:


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