From brunette to blonde in 60 seconds

Well hello there my friend!

Do you want a new hairstyle but don’t want the upkeep of it?

Are you dying to try that trendy silver hair color that you see on the celebs?

Do you wonder what your hair would look like shorter, longer, curly or, eeek, your natural color again?!

That’s exactly what Catherine was contemplating, growing out her natural color which has a lot of grey now.

Her exact words, “I feel like a movie star with this wig on!!”

Believe it or not, she’s naturally a brunette with a very straight texture.

Check out this short video to see how silver, purple and ombre blonde wigs look on her! After watching, I’d love to know which color is your favorite.

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Have a great week!



Fun update on Ms. Yuliya. After going from platinum blonde to a rich chocolate brown a few months ago, we just recently took her hair color even darker! She’s now sporting an espresso brown color with permanent cold fusion extensions.

(Sometimes you just need more length and thickness to the sides of your hair when sporting that sharp angled bob)

Check out her “before before” look here:



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