Nice! The best thing you ever did

Question for you:

Do you need a little excitement this winter? Are you a wee bit bored? Great! I have a solution: it’s time for you to try permanent cold fusion hair extensions

-they last at least a year (with 7-8 week touch ups)
-it’s a fun change for the longgg winter
-they are the most gentle kind of extensions (which means no damage to your natural hair)
-it’s wash and go hair
-they make a hat, pony, topknot or braid look extra cute

-upkeep (every 7-8 weeks)
-your hair takes longer to dry
-cost (good quality hair is an investment)

Interested?! Email me at to set up a consultation

Here’s a client of mine that just got them:

P.S. Hair-apy session included with your touch ups

P.S.S. THE one thing that stands out to me at big award shows like the Grammys



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