THE trend this season

I don’t know about you but I LOVED waking up to the snow this week, especially because it was one of the wishes I had for my birthday on Monday.

With that being said what do you do to stay warm and look stylin’ in this cold weather?!

I get inspired on the streets of Chicago. When I see fashion forward trend I make a mental note of it and then go home and mimic it. For example, in the last few months I’d see these very chic put together business women in my hood (I’m guessing that’s what they were but then again what the heck do I know?!) wearing heels or boots with a cozy classic trench or winter coat, simple hair and makeup and these massive blanket scarves!

Boy do they look good! (And warm!)

That got me thinking that I may need to add blanket scarves to my Glamhairus accessory collection for the winter! At first I just got one for myself, you know to test the waters and make sure they were all they’re cracked up to be -lol like I was going in for nose surgery or something. I guess I didn’t have to test them out for weeks before selling them but I did.


It’s the coziest darn thing around town. A.K.A. Best thing since sliced bread.

Anddddd versatile… winning

Here’s how I wear mine when I’m outside for 60 seconds.


Here’s how I wear one when I’m outside for 60 minutes…

And here’s the colors that I’m currently selling them in.

Let me know if you’d like to order one in a specific color like my boyfriend did. What he said was, “babe that scarf you’ve been wearing looks really warm, can you order one for me?!”

Why yes babe…here’s the one he’s sporting around town…#stud

That’s all I have for you today, off to finish my bday celebrations!

Have a lovely rest of your week!