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This is a podcast for entrepreneurs in all industries to learn tactical tips on how to grow businesses to support a life you love!  

Do you find yourself scrolling aimlessly on your social media accounts? My friend, STOP that right now! It’s not good for your health! Tune in to my new podcast episode to hear why! Xo Get your FREE Reels tutorial here.

Who doesn’t love a before and after story?! (Especially if it’s transformational, right?!!) Today I’m pulling back the curtain and sharing an interview with my darling student, Tina. She’s gone through my program, Glamhairus Academy, and now is in my monthly Membership! The way she felt before joining the program was: “lost with no direction”. After she went though the program, she said she has much more confidence with what she puts out on line, she’s learning to trust the process AND she feels supported by other students inside the community! Tune in my friend! XO~Gina

As a creative entrepreneur, I believe this is extremely common to have something I call Squirrel Brain. (AKA ADD) Do you have it? Are you having a case of it right now? I’m sharing 4 simple mindset shifts to help with that in this podcast episode! Xo~Gina If this podcast episode helped you out, please share it with a friend! (That would mean the WORLD to me!)

Hey there! One of the biggest mistakes I made in my business (before I figured out how important it was) was NOT collecting thoughtful testimonials from my clients! I don’t want you to waste time and money in your business so hurry up and check out this podcast! After listening to this episode, head to for your freebie!

Friends…. I gotta admit, I was hesitant to share this interview where I was the guest of honor. It made me feel vulnerable because I was very open with something personal to me (that I don’t share that often)! Sidney and I are in a private community with other course creators and she wanted to interview me as a case study for her upcoming book! These are some of the questions she asked me: ~Can you have the same impact online if you don’t show up in FRONT of the camera?

~What’s your strategy for showing up on many different platforms?

~I’m afraid of the haters and the judgy people out there, could you speak to that? Well, we unpacked all of that PLUS my bigger “Why”! I do my best to encourage my students to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. So here I am… feeling uncomfortable! I hope you enjoy this podcast episode! Xo~Gina

“How can I be confident in my hair cutting services and not compare myself to my neighbor?” If you’ve ever asked yourself that, you’ll love today’s podcast episode from a recent Ask Me Anything where Sandy was my featured guest! Tune in my friend! Xo~Gina

Hi friend! I’m sharing how to set up your IG bio (AKA Boss Bio) to attract your ideal client and turn them from a follower into a customer! Remember: You only have 3-5 seconds to grab someone’s attention once they show up on your page, and I believe the most important part of your Instagram page is your bio! Which idea will you implement today on your IG account?

In this podcast episode, I had the honor to interview Beth. She’s a previous Glamhairus Academy student and, currently, she’s enrolled in Glamhairus Academy Monthly Membership! She’s been a dream to coach over the last several months and I love how she opened up and shared her vulnerable side during a recent interview. Have a listen friends! Xo~Gina

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one”? When it comes to marketing your awesome product or service on line, you need to identify your Ideal Client, so you can attract the type of client that you want in your chair! Today’s episode was a recording from my weekly Ask Me Anything where I coached Erin on this topic! Xo~Gina

I’m featuring Tina in today’s podcast episode friends! What an EXTREME makeover she had in her hair business after going through Glamhairus Academy! Have a listen! Xo~Gina Join the Academy!

Hey hey fellow hairstylists! Do you want a simple 4 step process on HOW to make money online when you’re not behind the chair? Then it’s your lucky day, because that’s exactly what I’m sharing in today’s podcast episode! Xo~Gina I hope to see you on the inside! Join Glamhairus Academy.

Is this you?

Current idea….

New idea….

Another new idea….

Ok, friend, you have something called shiny object syndrome! There’s a simple way to finish what you start. Let me see if I can help with that! Check out my new episode. Xoxo~Gina

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Q: Are you standing 40-50 hours a week on a hard floor hunched over your clients all day?

Q: Does your back hurt? How about your neck?

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Friends, I believe one of the best ways to market your amazing products and services is on free platforms like social media! I taught this idea, in my private Facebook group, to a bunch of other hairstylists and small business owners and I’m sharing it with you today. 🙂

This recording is a behind the scenes look at how I repurpose, batch and create content on all of my social media platforms!

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Friends, if you’re anything like me, you need to work on your mindset just about every single day! And today’s podcast episode I’m sharing five mindset shifts that LITERALLY changed my business and I want you to incorporate them into your business too! XOXO Gina Join my FREE 7 day Masterclass Series called Eliminate Overwhelm + Create Massive Results here.

Today in the podcast, I’m sharing an exercise called Best Case/Worst Case Scenario that I taught in group coaching inside Glamhairus Academy! If you ever mentally beat yourself up (like most of us do), this podcast episode is for you! Enjoy!! Xoxo~Gina Join my FREE 7 day Masterclass Series that starts on 4/26! Here’s the link to join. The classes are daily from 2:00-2:45 pm CST, if you show up Live everyday I have a special bonus for you!

Friends, I hope you’ll join me in my 14 day Social Media Challenge!

What I’m sharing during the Challenge:

1. customizable templates

2. tips/strategies/ideas on how to show up Live

3. tips/strategies/ideas on how to create engagement on your accounts

4. accountability

5. encouragement Here’s the link to join:

Hi friends! Have you ever worked with a speciality coach? A personal trainer, a therapist or life coach or a business coach? 3 things a specialty coach helps you with: 1. Clarity 2. Accountability 3. Motivation 💜 Sounds exciting, right? Today I’m diving in deep as to what it’s like to work with a business coach! I hope this episode gets you jazzed up and one step closer to your dreams! Xo~Gina Join the waitlist here: New to me? Start here! Http://

Hi friends! Today’s podcast episode is from a Live video I recorded in a private FB group recently! One stylist immediately took ACTION and implemented the strategy in the training and got instant engagement on her social media account PLUS booked up her schedule for the week with this one concept! I hope you find value in this episode too! Please share this episode with one of your friends if you think it will help them out! Xo~Gina New to me? Start here! Http://

“I’m trying to figure out what kind of content to post. Should it be a Reels, a video, a still picture? I just don’t know!” Friend, have you thought those same things? If you have, don’t worry… I got you boo! Here’s 6 simple strategies on how to create the right type of content to grow your audience (and create more sales) on Instagram! Xo~Gina

My friend, do you want to be more productive? Do you want to get clarity around your goals? If so, you’re going to LOVE this podcast episode! I’m sharing 4 simple steps to get more done, in less time, WITHOUT feeling burned out! After listening, please share this episode with a friend that may need to hear this! Xoxo~Gina

I’m sharing how my first experience as a cohost in a Room on Clubhouse went! Check out my new episode, friend! Xoxo Sign up for my weekly newsletters where I share joyful, inspiring and motivational information every single week! Head to Say hi to me on social.

Who else loves an origin story?! I get so inspired when I hear how other business owners started and how far they’ve come! Today, I’m sharing my story! There’s been many twists and turns from being a business owner for over a decade! Have a listen….💜

Are you multi-passionate like I am? Do you have more than one passion that you’d like to incorporate into your business? Let’s talk about how to strategically go about that! Tune in to the podcast where I’m unpacking how it looks in my business and one of my student’s business!

Friends, if you fail to plan you plan to fail! Tune in to this podcast episode where I’m sharing how to be an “inspiration detective”! In this episode, I’m teaching 4 simple and effective ways to get inspired for your content that you’re sharing online. XO

Friends, are you trying something new but feeling REALLY uncomfortable with it? Maybe you took a hard right turn in your business because of the pandemic. Maybe you want to finally achieve that big dream or goal. Guess what? Confidence doesn’t just “show up”! You’re growing if you feel a little bit insecure or uncomfortable with the process! Let me help you re-think the way you feel about confidence. Check out this podcast episode and subscribe to my podcast so you get notified every time I share a new one! Xoxo

Can’t seem to get started with your goals? This ONE idea could change your life! In this episode, I’ve shared four tactical tips to start before you’re ready! If you found this information valuable, please share this episode with your friends! Xo

Friends, if you want to brand yourself, stand out from the crowd and attract high paying clients, you need to take some professional photos! Why? It makes you look more like a professional! (Which I know you are!!) Selfies, doggie pictures and your favorite food on your Instagram account can only take you so far! 🙂 You can use the profesh pictures on your social media pages, your website and on your blog. Have a listen to this podcast episode for a little BTS of how it looks in my business! Xoxo.

Well hey there friend! Do you want to be more efficient with your time when it comes to creating content for social media? I’m sharing a sneak peek of how it looks in my business in today’s podcast episode! Feel free to steal my ideas! Enjoy! Xoxo.