About Us.

Glamhairus is a boutique beauty company consisting of its creative owner, Gina Scalpone, and her team of 12 talented freelancers. With more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, the Glamhairus team offers the utmost customer service and on-site experience by using the most effective brands and products available from only the most established beauty companies around. When it comes to weddings and special events we offer a variety of hair and makeup options. In addition to weddings and special events, the Glamhairus business offers other services such as Closet Editing, Wardrobe Assistance, and At Home Parties. You are also able to purchase Custom Accessories, Clip-in Extensions, and Wigs through Glamhairus.

Gina Scalpone, Owner of Glamhairus










As a talented hairdresser and business woman, Gina is a determined entrepreneur dedicated to making her small business excel. After 14 years of experience working in a highly rated salon, Gina decided to take her skills elsewhere, so she could create and grow as a business professional. 

With a love of hair, beauty and fashion, Gina is the founder of image consulting company, Glamhairus. Her company is dedicated to styling women and inspiring them to be their most glamorous self. With a team of talented freelancers, a detail business manager and a social media specialist, Glamhairus has grown immensely over the past seven years since its creation. 

Gina's customer service skills and experience has lent much success to business, creating a loyal clientele in which she is in turn extremely dedicated to. She is beyond excited for the future of her company and what lies ahead.

Kendall Canessa, Social Media Specialist of Glamhairus



New to Chicago by way of California and New York, Kendall is Glamhairus's own Social Media Specialist!


Kendall graduated from Marymount Manhattan College in New York City with a degree in communications and business management in December 2015. After living in New York for two years, this California girl decided it was time for a new city and made her way to Chicago. That is when Kendall found Glamhairus and Glamhairus found Kendall!


With much experience working in social media, events and public relations, Kendall loves bringing her expertise and creativity to the Glamhairus website and social media accounts. 


Jeneice Sullivan, Detail Business Manager of Glamhairus



As a lover of all things beauty and a queen at staying organized, Jeneice is the perfect Detail Business Manager for Glamahairus.



Jeneice and her husband live in the city of Chicago in a small neighborhood north called Roscoe Village. She is  an entrepreneur by trade and loves what she does! She has a nanny biz along with two other businesses within the beauty industry. Jeneice has worked in the bridal industry for over a year doing mostly operations. She loves that she gets to build a relationship not only with the wedding planners but with  the brides as well to make sure that everything runs smoothly on their special day. 



That being said, we are super lucky to have Jeneice as our Detail Business Manager here at Glamhairus!