• 3 mistakes you should NEVER make!

    Real talk time?   Running a business is overwhelming. Endless new platforms, ever-changing algorithms, and demands for 24/7 content creation.   You’ve been working so hard. Trying so many different things and yet, nothing seems to stick. Maybe you’re wondering, “Why am I not further along?!?”    If you’re not where you should be by now in your business,

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  • I’m grateful for YOU

    Hi friend!I thought I’d share with you the top 10 (ok, 11:)) things I’m feeling especially grateful for today! Here it is…• the sunshine • our cozy home • the sounds of the city • my 14 & 17 year old rescue pups • my fiancé, Greg… specifically, the fact that he is the most supportive person I know with the best sense of humor 

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