The secret hairstyling tips that ONLY stylists know!

Here’s something I’ve heard about 953 times as a hairstylist:

“I can’t tease my hair.” Or “I can never get the fullness that I want out of my style.” Or “My hair is just not as full when I style it at home.”

Have you ever thought that to yourself?

I’m going to share my top three hair teasing tricks with you! I mean, who doesn’t want full hair? I sure do!

1. Make sure when your hair is wet you use an ample amount of styling lotion, especially at your roots, top of your hair and the perimeter around your face. There are many fabulous products out there but here’s a link to my favorite product: Kenra root lifting spray.

What I like about this styling product is that it gives fullness without making your hair stiff, it also gives an overall shine to your hair and you can use it for just about any style (straight, scrunched natural waves or for curls with an iron) Also it can be used on dirty hair as a “refresher” styling product. On dry hair, you put a few squirts on the problem spot (bangs, crown) and re-blow dry. Voila’-full bouncy hair again 🙂

In case you’re curious, here’s a link to a video that I did on how to apply this product to create natural waves in your hair (it requires a lot more product with this kind of style)

How to style wavy hair

2. Another tip that is very important for full hair is to not, I repeat, not condition the roots of your hair! My general advice for conditioning your hair is to apply only on what you can hold in a ponytail. (Which is typically chin length and down) If you have very short hair you only need to condition your hair once or twice a month. And in that case you’ll probably be getting conditioner on your roots but that’s ok since it’s so minimally done.

3. Lastly, the most amazing must-have comb for teasing your hair is the Glamhairus Wondercomb! It will be THE BEST $15 you will ever spend on a hair styling tool! For the last eight years I’ve used it on every single client that I’ve styled and it’s the most frequent item sold! Check out all the ways I use mine in my how-to videos here.

To purchase our Wondercomb, shop here.

I hope this information helped you, and if you already own a Glamhairus Wondercomb and it’s rocked your style, I’d love to hear about it! Simply respond in the comments below 🙂

Cheers to a voluminous hair week