About Gina Scalpone

Glamhairus is an on-site Image Consulting company that I started in 2010. Since it’s creation, it’s grown from a one woman show (me!) to a team of 15! During bridal season, my team of makeup artists and hair stylists and I will go to our client’s home or hotel and provide hair and makeup services for their wedding. In 2018 we had 30 weddings and special events all over the city! I’ve been in the industry, as a hairstylist, for 23 years and specialize in haircuts, extensions, hair coloring and keratin treatments. I also provide in-home closet clean outs and closet editing – I really enjoy helping my clients shop in their own closet! They usually just need a new pair of shoes or a few statement pieces of jewelry. I’m extremely passionate about accessories and accessorizing, so seven years ago, I started my own collection. I am now able to personally shop for one of a kind pieces for my clients. Sometimes, it’s bridal jewelry or a hair accessory for one of our lovely brides and other times it’s a new spring purse or hat for a client. In addition, I sell custom clip in extensions and wigs to our clients who want a little extra drama to their hair.
I blog weekly about my business and personal life and would love for you to follow along on the journey of my multi-passionate small business!

What sets us apart from other on-site beauty companies is that we provide the entire look from head to toe. We’re a one-stop shop. For example, I’d go to your home and provide a hair service and do a hands-on hair styling lesson with products and brushes that you already have in your home. If you don’t have the product, shampoo, comb, etc., I’ll bring it along so you don’t have to run out and buy it. If you need your makeup done for a special event, we’ll send over one of our makeup artists and bring necklace options from Glamhairus for your little black dress! We customize every single appointment and item that we sell so that our clients feel like a celebrity. We inspire our clients to think outside the box!


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