What to do when you have Squirrel Brain!

Well hey hey there friend ✨

I have a question for you…

What do you do when you have Squirrel Brain? (Aka ADD in case you don’t know what Squirrel Brain is! 😂) 

As a creative entrepreneur, I believe this is extremely common. Do you have it? Are you having a case of it right now?

If you are, I’m going to come out and say it…My friend-you are NOT alone! 😜

Right now my house is messy, I started emptying the dishwasher, then I saw an email from my accountant and emailed her back, then I went back and forth with a friend in DM’s then I gave my doggies a treat (because they’re so darn cute) and then I started posting on social media! What the heck!

Seriously!  😱 😱 😱

I have to admit… I don’t usually have this kind of thing going on. But many of my students talk to me about this “problem” they have too and I coach them on it!

Tune into my new podcast here where I’m sharing 4 simple tactical steps to help with Squirrel Brain! 

As a sneak peek, here they are in a nutshell:

1️⃣ I remind myself it’s ok to be like this once in a while (I’m a creative after all)!

2️⃣ I appreciate this part of my personality (it makes me interesting).

3️⃣ No beating myself up for not being more focused (I work my butt off ALL the time), so I can have Squirrel Brain once in a while! 

4️⃣ I ask myself, “Why are you acting/feeling like this right now? Do you need a day off, do you need a break, are you just super excited about things going in life right now?”

I believe that this is happening right now because I am, in fact, SUPER excited and nervous, about something new in my business. I’m daydreaming about the possibilities. 💜

You see…

I just hired a FB ads specialist for my September Glamhairus Academy launch and I’m SO excited to see how his expertise will amp up my reach so I can make a bigger impact in the world! 💃

Or (it could be)…

One of my students inside my monthly membership, just had a MAJOR win with her business. So now it’s got me thinking, how I could either:

1) Get her to take more action on this task that she finally accomplished, and/or 

2) How could I teach this mindset strategy to my other students? I’ve been working for weeks with my student to help her with this roadblock! I felt like I accomplished the dang goal myself!

I’m excited because I was determined to help her figure this out, and, after many attempts-we figured it out together!  💃

When I asked her how she feels about finally figuring it out she said:

“I feel like she-ra now!!!” 🙌

One more thing I’ll add to Squirrel Brain Syndrome is this: 

I find it’s more common when I’m not meditating, journaling or exercising daily. 🙏

My advice to you (if you have Squirrel Brain) is to create a daily morning routine. Go check out this podcast where I go onto great detail about it! I’ve shared the link below!

xoxo Gina

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