Can you have the same impact online if you don’t show up in FRONT of the camera?

I hope you had the most wonderful holiday weekend my friend!

My honey, our senior rescue pups and I met our friends at Music At The Park by our condo in the West Loop! Now that it’s summer, they’ve started Food Truck Friday’s. They have food trucks, alcohol trucks AND live music-what could be better than that?!  👯

In addition… we got to celebrate my fiancé’s Grandma’s 90th birthday! Lucky for both of us, we still have our Grams (mine will be 99 years young on Christmas Eve  🎉 💗)!

Now…I’m posting this because I wanted to share something personal.

And I gotta admit, I was hesitant to share this interview on my podcast where I was the guest of honor. It made me feel vulnerable because I was very open with something personal to me (that I don’t share that often)!

Sidney and I are in a private community with other course creators and she wanted to interview me as a case study for her upcoming book! 💕

These are some of the questions she asked me: 

 ~Can you have the same impact online if you don’t show up in FRONT of the camera?

~What’s your strategy for showing up on many different platforms?

~I’m afraid of the haters and the judgy people out there, could you speak to that?                                                   
Well, we unpacked all of that PLUS my bigger “Why”! 💜                                                       

I do my best to encourage my students to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. So here I am… feeling uncomfortable! I hope you enjoy this podcast episode!


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