My first experience on Clubhouse

Hey there friend…

Are you on Clubhouse yet?! 

It’s a new App and I’m kind of obsessed with it! Here’s a breakdown of the who, what, why and how of the App, from my experience!


Clubhouse is a voice-only social media platform that encourages constructive conversations between industry professionals, celebrities, and entrepreneurs.

Right now it’s only for iPhone users.

It’s invite only. 


It’s a great place for business owners to network, learn from one another, share ideas and connect with our ideal clients. 


Three reasons to grow your biz on clubhouse (or any social media platform):

1. It’s a great place to find ideal clients, just like any other social media platform. If you’re on social media, you want to connect with your ideal client, showcase your products, services and share information with them (how-to videos, inspiration, BTS, etc.)!

2. It’s audio only, so you need to have a clear bio about who you are and how you can provide value to your ideal client. (You should have a good bio on FB, IG, etc.) 

3. You want to host your own Room so you can turn followers onto customers (just like showing up Live on Fb)! You show how to blow out the front of your hair and talk about the products you use to achieve that look. Then, ideally, they want to buy the product or book an appt when they see you doing a Live video! 

Remember, you want to build trust and capture their attention!

Here’s a link to my new podcast episode where I share a BTS look of how my first experience was cohosting a Room on CH! 


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