Three tips to track your growth

Perfectionism… Do you have this disease too?!

You think to yourself, “I’m not where I thought I’d be.” Or…”I’m not getting “there” fast enough.”

Don’t worry boo, I got you.

In the video below, I’m discussing how to combat perfectionism in three specific areas in your life.

1- regarding social media, track your stats
2- regarding your income, “run” the numbers and do some comparing from the previous year to the current year
3. goals and growth, start with journaling so you can track how your mindset changes and grows from one year to the next

Once I ran the numbers in my own business a few years ago, I realized I worked 1/3 less and made 42% more per wedding party and special event from the previous year! At first, I was bummed because it was the same year end total, but once I did more specific comparing I realized how much growth we had had.

What area do you think you need more work on? Tell me in the comments, is it #1, #2 or #3?


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