I’m rooting for you!

I’m not sure if you need to hear this, but remember, even when the moon looks like it’s waning, it’s actually never changing shape.

You are the same glorious creature you always were, and you only need to believe in yourself to push through and shine your very brightest!

Make it happen! I’m rooting for you friend!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed lately, this short video I created may be just what you need:


If you’re feeling stuck or in a funk lately, check out this video to cheer you up:


P.S. You want to know what absolutely made my day recently?! This review that burst my heart into a million rainbows.

“Gina is helping me so much! I listen to her podcast religiously and it’s paying off! I find it helpful to listen multiple times. She definitely helps motivate me! Keep the content coming, Thank you!”

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