How to organize and strategize your social media presence in three simple steps

If you could choose one way to make your life easier, what would you wish for? While I’m no fairy godmother, I can grant you the wish of organizing and strategizing your social media presence in 3 simple steps. 


1️⃣ I’ll give you a list of 25 unique posting ideas that you can customize to your EXACT business and personality plus you can use the list over and over again.  


2️⃣ I’ll give you an exact schedule (what to post, on what days at what specific times) for your social accounts. So there’s no reason not to show up. 


3️⃣ I’ll encourage and teach you how to use hashtags on your IG account, get specific feedback from your clients so you can share that on your accounts and inspire you to actually SHOW up so you can create more engagement on your accounts. 


Spoiler alert: The workshop video where I teach all of this and more is yours forever once you purchase. This way, as you grow with your business on social, you can re-watch the class & implement more strategies! 🙂


If that sounds magical to you, let’s talk!

Head to the link below to learn more⤵️


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P.P.P.S. Here’s a short video I created on how to take a good selfie:

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