The simplest ways to come up with your goals and stick to them

Where are my fellow night owls? I’ve always been most productive in the late afternoon/early evening!

And to really get my day off to the right kind of start, I like to begin with journaling, coffee and a doggie walk!

Today I released a new podcast episode, and it’s called the 10, 10, 1 Rule. I learned about this habit from Rachel Hollis. Here’s a few highlights from the episode:

:41 >> running a business is hard without this habit
1:10 >> let me break it down for you
2:03 >> do this every single day and I promise it will change your life
2:20 >> here’s an example of how I used it in my business
3:05 >> what triggered me to jump in
3:47 >> my mind was open because of my daily habits & I just did it
4:15 >> why mapping out your future will keep you focused
4:28 >> this isn’t rocket science, it’s so simple

Here’s the link:

How do you set yourself up for your best days?



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