What they DON’T teach you in cosmetology school!

Guess what friends?!


It’s your lucky day because I’m going to help you with your bio! Whether you’re wondering why you even need a bio or what the heck to do with a bio once you create it, don’t worry-I’m going to show you! 🙂


I have a private Facebook group for (mostly) hairstylists where I share videos on how to market your business, I share inspirational quotes and create engagement so they know it’s a safe place to learn and engage. It’s super fun for me and helpful for others. 


Before I invite someone to my private FB group, I look at their “About Me” info on their FB page to make sure they’re a hairstylist.  


I haven’t seen any stylists share info about themselves in their bio, which is so surprising to me! 


Not what type of services they offer, what their speciality is, how long they’ve been a stylist for, what’s unique about their business so people want to book appointments with them. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch. 


That got me thinking… WHY?


If you’re using social media to promote yourself, your business and your amazing work, you need a great bio!


Here’s 10 things I’d recommend you add to your bio:


1. your name 

2. your specialty 

3. why you started doing hair 

4. what your favorite part of being a stylist is 

5. your location 

6. your hours 

7. an opt-in (how to get someone on your email list)

8. specialty training you’ve had 

9. the ONE thing that sets you a part from other stylists 

10. info showcasing your personality 


Also, you should be revisiting it at LEAST every 6 months to see if you need to tweak or update anything in your bio.



Use your bio once a month on your social media pages to reintroduce yourself to your followers. 


Check out how I did that here>> Glamhairus Bio <<


Here’s what I include in my FB bio:


Hi, my name is Gina Scalpone. I’ve been a hairstylist for 24 years and a business owner for a decade. I grew my company, Glamhairus, from a one woman show (me!) to a team of 14. 


During wedding season, my team and I specialize in on-site wedding hair and makeup. The rest of the year, I specialize in haircuts, hair color, keratin treatments and permanent extensions for my clients. In addition, I sell custom wigs, clip-in extensions and accessories to clients who want a little extra drama for their look. 


After taking several online courses to learn how to grow and scale my small but mighty business, I started implementing the strategies and processes. I got massive results in my own company and that inspired me to start Glamhairus Academy. 


Glamhairus Academy is a 9 week course where I teach hairstylists a step-by-step process on how to make more money by attracting high paying clients. Specifically, how to implement a strategic marketing plan by way of social media and emails to your clients so you stay “top of mind” while they’re not in your chair. Get weekly inspiration about how to grow your hair business and all things hair here:  Mindset


Did this help you out at all friend? Will you add any of my ideas to your bio? Please comment below and let me know! 


I’d love to see your before and afters of your bio & if I can help you out at all, let me know!




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