This works, I promise!

Friend, have a seat and let me tell you something about how I help our soon-to-be-brides feel comfortable with my team and I! It’s a simple 6 step process:

-First I set up a phone call to feel her out to see what type of bride she is so I know how to speak her language. Is she low maintenance, detail-oriented, does she need help organizing bridesmaids and wedding day time lines? Setting up a phone call is also a way to create trust. She hears my voice and feels that I truly want to make her look amazing and feel special & have FUN on her wedding day.

-Second, I over communicate our policies so there’s clear expectations. No surprises=happy bride.

-Third, I reach out (aka -stalk!) her as we get closer to the wedding day to set up hair and/or makeup trials or finalize time lines for her big day. They have so many vendors to keep track of, I like to make it easy by reaching out to her instead of making it her job to contact me.

-Fourth, I remind our brides how everyone should have their hair and skin prepared for the big day. This way it’s easier to zip through the ladies and stick to her wedding day timeline.

-Next, I have a system like you see in baseball. When there’s a lady in my chair, I always have the next lady “on deck” right next to me. This way there’s no down time in between styles and I can finish on time (preferably at least 5 minutes early).

-Finally, I am flexible with the other vendors on the wedding day. If the photographer needs me to stop styling someone for a few minutes to take a group picture, I stop. Or if the makeup artist needs to grab the bridesmaid in my chair and touch up her lipstick, I let her do it.

And there you have it! What questions do you have?!

Here’s a quick video I recorded on the topic:


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