Practice THIS during the quarantine!

Hey hey friend!

The members (meaning you) of the Glamhairus community are made up of all different types of people: from new business owners to seasoned ones and from clients that get their hair done by me regularly to friends, family and peers (in my opinion they’re one in the same). I adore and look at most of my clients as dear friends!

But I have a feeling we all have something in common…. We want to know how to take a good selfie! Am I right?!

We also want to know how to look good in a video!

Great news! I’m sharing what I know about BOTH in my new video.

Check it out here:

After watching, let me know if any of my tips helped you feel more confident in front of the camera! Simply, comment below!


Here’s the link again:
How to take a good selfie

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