Want to know the reality post Corona Virus?!

Hi friend,

Have you ever thought about why you haven’t achieved the income you know you deserve as a stylist?

Could it be:

-You aren’t charging enough money for your services. You just don’t have the guts to charge what you KNOW you should be charging.

Let’s face it, this is a mindset shift we all visit at one time or another in our business. You don’t have to be the best in your business, you just need to know your worth and charge for it! You’re talented, smart and definitely worth premium pricing.

-You aren’t keeping in touch with your clients when they’re not in your chair.

You didn’t know how important this was! That’s ok, we’ll start with it now. Keeping “top of mind” with your clients or potential clients when they’re not in your chair is a game changer. You have so much value to share with your clients on a regular basis.

-You’re having a hard time balancing marketing, scheduling clients, your personal life and are constantly feeling overwhelmed or behind. This is a hard one for almost every entrepreneur before learning how to simplify the entire process.

Introducing Glamhairus Academy, your complete A-Z package to attract high paying clients with a proven marketing strategy that’s not only easy, but it’s fun too. 🙂

I’ve taken the strategies that I learned over the last 5 years from many many online courses, and channeled it into my own business and have had life changing results! Glamhairus Academy not only gives you new ideas, new strategies and new mindset approaches, but it also shows you how to organize and execute.

Glamhairus Academy isn’t so much a training program but it’s an implementation program.

No fluff, no extra modules that you do not need.

When done right, you can create an experience that not only your clients are over the moon happy with, but you feel extremely proud of. With your permission, I’d love to show you how to start implementing.

Doors close on Thursday 11:59! Click the link below to enroll:

Glamhairus Academy


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