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Small business owners listen up!

I’ve got a value packed post for you.

Today I’m sharing 5 secrets to attract high paying clients. Ready? Let’s go!

1. You have to be 110% professional 110% of the time with your clients. This is how it looks in my business when my clients come to my in-home studio for an appointment:
-I have upbeat music on
-I always light candles so it smells nice
-My studio is clean
-I have their favorite beverage on hand
-I always have hair products and accessories they may need to purchase available

2. Show your expertise:
-record and post how-to videos
-share activities that it takes to run your business
-teach how to use your favorite products

3. Speak your ICA’s language (Ideal Customer Avatar) when you’re marketing to her. For example, the language to a soon-to-be bride who’s 30 years old and doesn’t have any children would be quite different than the language to a 55 year old client with 3 teenage boys.

4. Make her feel special!
And not only when she’s in your chair. Reach out to her when she’s not in your chair to let her know that you’re thinking of her. For example, if one of your clients just lost her job, follow up with her a week after her hair appointment and ask how her hair is and how she’s doing.

5. You need to have the guts. I speak to SO many hairstylists who know they should charge more for their services but they just don’t have the confidence. If you’re doing ALL the above steps you should have no problem charging premium pricing. Just do it! You’re talented, professional and you have the expertise.

Speaking of expertise, actively seek to be a guest on a podcast to talk about your business.

Here’s some of the benefits of being on a podcast:

-You can add the podcast link to your Press tab on your website. Gives you great street cred!
-It helps your communication about your business be concise.
-It’s great content for social media!
-Your clients get to know you more.

Remember showing your expertise and BTS (behind the scenes) of your business will help gain more respect from your clients because they’ll see how hard you work when they’re not in your chair. They’ll probably be surprised!

I was lucky enough to be a guest on a podcast recently!

Highlight you won’t want to miss:

1:43 THIS really happened during the recession
2:44 the one thing every woman has too much of
4:40 what I would go back and tell my new business owner self
7:05 build your team-early
9:50 lean on your support system
11:40 work in your desire zone
12:55 why clarity is so important in your business
14:05 how to come up with new income streams
15:42 how being more mindful can increase your revenue
22:15 the weirdest hair trick I share with my clients
24:50 this is ridiculously ridiculous
30:42 this doesn’t happen overnight

Here’s the link, enjoy!



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