Is this in your calendar yet?

I’m spent friend.

The first thing I have to say is, WHAT EXTRA FREE TIME?!

Everyone’s talking up quarantine like it’s the perfect time to learn a new language.

For me, it’s been 2 weeks -I think- of adjusting my messaging to be the opposite of tone deaf (tone hearing) and doing all the live videos.

-Was a guest on 2 new podcasts (coming out soon!)
Check out the previous podcasts I was on here: OMG-again
and here: I’m-feeling-famous

-Taught two live masterclasses on How To Attract High Paying Clients

-Posted on my social media accounts 7 days a week
(follow me here: Instagram & Facebook

-Showed up live 3 times a week on Instagram and Facebook to teach what I know about running a small business (I can’t believe I went from a one woman show 10 years ago to a team of 14!)

-I launched my online course that teaches hairstylists and other service-based business owners how to have a business and life they love

Here’s what a few of the attendees had to say about last week’s masterclass:

“Hi Gina!! I loved your masterclass! You are absolutely adorable and I loved your energy and ideas. Such great tips! I am so appreciative you gave me the opportunity to see today’s class.”

“Hi, So I enjoyed your class so much!”

“Oooh yes! Work smarter not harder. Love these tips!”

“Girl you should see my notes… my hand can’t write fast enough!”

“I want to be in your position. I’ve done hair for 13 years and have some clients I’d like to weed out. But I also want to be professional about it. I’m intrigued over this. Listening…”

“Definitely some great ideas to take away!”

I’m teaching 2 more masterclasses this week on Thursday at 2:00 & 5:00pm CST!

Want in? Reply in the comments below and I’ll send you an invite!



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