Business (love) in the time of corona

Hey there!

I hope you are safe and healthy right now friend. 🙂

As small business owners, we need to step up right now as leaders and show others what’s possible!

We need to focus on what we’ve built rather than be distracted on what we could lose!

Now is the time for growth, expansion, being open-minded and creating results driven strategies.

Get yourself prepared for when you go back to work. Start creating content, videos, collecting emails and reviews from your clients NOW while you have the time.

This will not only keep you focused and on track for your future, it will be a creatively fulfilling process! I promise!

I know you’re feeling beat up from standing behind the chair for so many years. I’ve been there. Time to change all of that.

Hear me out friend:

Imagine in a year from now, you’re in your dream situation!

Maybe you’ve doubled your income. Maybe you’re working less, WHILE making the same amount of money AND you get to spend more time with your kids or on self care.

Maybe you start incorporating your “side hustle” or your other passion INTO your business and make extra money from it!

Maybe you just start to have structure and strategy to get from where you are NOW to where you want to go.

Let me help you with ALL of that!

I want to be by your side to coach and teach you EVERYTHING I know about running a small service based business.

I have a private free Live master class on Facebook coming up that I’d LOVE to have you at! It’s called How To Attract High Paying Clients

The first one is on March 26th at 2:00 CST, the second one is March 27th at 4:00 CST.

Which day works best for you?

Please respond in the comments below and let me know and I’ll send an invite via Facebook. Thank you!



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