Quick Q – need to know this about you (and you want me to)

Amy Porterfield is a business mentor of mine and I listen to her podcasts every week. A few months back, she taught on the topic of getting “unstuck”.

In that podcast she talked about DSD!
Do Something Different.

I like that a lot!

I thought to myself, how do I DSD? How do I teach tips that I know to clients so they can DSD?!

How can I get inspired creatively in an area that has nothing to do with my business?

Here’s what I’ve tried in the last few months to DSD and I’m feeling pretty pumped:

-Cooking dinner 4-5 times a week for my honey and I. I got Chrissy Tiegan’s cookbook as a gift for my birthday and have tried about 20 different recipes from it-YUM! To me, it’s like cooking 101 and I’m having so much fun (surprisingly) trying out all of the new recipes! Cooking is VERY much outside of my comfort zone.

-I’ve been watching a show called Impractical Jokers a lot. It literally makes me LOL, which is such a fantastic distraction from my everyday craziness. The premise is about four lifetime friends that coerce each other into doing public pranks while being filmed by hidden cameras. I’m always curious where or what they’ll do next, and I appreciate their creativity and out of the box thinking with their pranks! I think it’s so darn funny!

I’m going to switch gears for a second, but I promise it will all tie together!

Meet Rebecca:


She is a darling, darling gal that I know! Lucky for me, I’ve been styling her hair for over 20 years! The last in-home appointment was quite different. In addition to coloring, cutting, and doing a shine treatment on her hair, we did a three hour closet clean out! Plus, I brought her jewelry and hair styling products to purchase from me. 🙂

Basically she was down to DSD!

She, her hubby and her four children moved to a beautiful new home and unfortunately her closet is half the size it used to be.

She also lost some weight, and I think she looks just fantastic! I’m so happy for her!

We spent 3 hours in Rebecca’s closet transitioning her winter to spring outfits, and here’s what she had to say about her first time closet editing experience.

“It was an overall amazing experience. While shopping isn’t always fun for me since I’m indecisive and a bit hard on myself (how I look). Gina made me feel beautiful with her genuine compliments! I couldn’t help but be excited with seeing myself in the mirror with Gina smiling ear-to-ear and being my wardrobe cheerleader! Gina has a real gift and passion for a wardrobe consultation!”

Wardrobe cheerleader?!? Ugh-melts my heart! Thank you Rebecca.

Do I have a fashion degree? Nope. Did I go to fashion design school? Nope.

You know what I do have from Rebecca? Trust. You know what she sees in me? Passion.

To me, that’s all you need!

I’m curious, how can you incorporate other passions that you have into your existing business? How can you market it so others want to buy from you? If I did it, so can you!!


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