wait, what?!

I’ve decided to shut down my business for the holidays!! I’ve never done this before! And you know what?! It feels good!

I keep finding ways to eat up the day and not get to the work I need to do for my online course (which will be released in the Spring!!)

“Oh I need to post on social every day because I need to keep my business relevant.”

“I’ll work on content for my next blog post, I need to get ahead.”

I’ve heard so many people say that they’re stuck in a rut.

“I need to get motivated but I can’t seem to start.”

“Ugh I need to start working out before the new year.”

“I really need a new job. I’m not happy with the one I have.”

“I’ll get back into the swing of things after the new year.”

When it’s your business, a creative and motivational rut is a growth and money rut.

Here are my top 12 ways to get out of a rut or to stay “rut-free”!

1. Make sure you get enough sleep. Nothing good happens when your brain isn’t working properly from lack of sleep.

2. Develop a non-negotiable self care routing. Mine is as follows:
-Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.
-Make or order out healthy meals as much as possible.
-Read every morning for at least 10 minutes.
-Say thank you every morning as soon as I wake up.
-Read my positive morning mantras.
-Exercise 3 times a week.
-Carve out time in my schedule every week for spontaneity, because life’s supposed to be fun!

3. Write down your goals and read them every day. You’d be surprised how your brain finds ways to see things differently once you get specific.

4. Write down what you’re grateful for. You can’t have a bad day when you identify what you’re grateful for.

5. ABL! Always be learning. Read a new book, watch a documentary. Take a class. I listen to 2-4 hours of podcasts and educational business courses every day. I listen to them when I’m driving, doing my makeup, cooking or cleaning the house.

6. Exercise. Movement of any kind will immediately lift your spirits. Go for a walk on your lunch break. Sign up for a cycle class so you know you’ll show up. This is an easy way to keep yourself accountable. I love love love going to yoga once a week! In addition, my new-ish obsession is doing dance fitness videos on YouTube in my living room 3 times a week for 30 minutes. If you haven’t heard of The Fitness Marshall, I’d highly recommend you check him out! He’s my online dance instructor and his videos are SO much fun!

7. Start a new habit. Anything! What does your friend, sister, Mom, mentor, do that you think would be a good habit to get into?

8. Compliment or better yet help someone.

9. Hide or unfollow people who make you feel “behind”. This has been a game changer for me! If I’m not inspired by or learning from them I’m not looking at their feed!

10. Take a look at what you did accomplish over the last week, month or year. I bet you’ve accomplished a few great things to feel proud of. I tend to look forward always picturing where I want to go. However, looking back and accessing what you’ve done is a great way to feel fantastic about what you’ve already accomplished!

11. Take a course. Learn something new!

12. Play: Create a blog. Take a dance class. Take a writing class. Try something new with your hair. Wear a piece of clothing you’ve always wanted to wear but just haven’t. Try a new lipstick.

Which one do you think you’ll try?

I hope this gives you a little pre-NYE inspiration! How do you get yourself out of a rut? I’d love to know, respond in the comments and let me know!

Happy happy holidays


P.S. If you have a friend who’s in a rut and needs a little “pick me up” I’d love for you to share this with them!!

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