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I’ve listened to SO many moving and beautiful stories about how other (some of my business mentors) grew up poor and overcame it.

Not only did they overcome it, they became wildly successful!!

When I hear those stories from someone like Jasmine Star, I’m in awe of how her parents managed to make the holidays and birthdays fun with minimal extra money. They used yarn to decorate the bushes outside in December because they couldn’t afford lights or even a Christmas tree! They walked a mile to do laundry at a laundromat every single week. It sounds like it didn’t stop them from being appreciative of what they DID have.

My upbringing was quite different from the above scenario. I look at my childhood as having it all! Every single sport or activity I wanted to be in, my mom convinced my Dad to agree to it! I was in modeling school back in the day, dance and dance camp, cheerleading, soccer, baseball, and gymnastics… the list goes on and on! My brother and I both had our own bedrooms AND our own bathrooms growing up! I was a lucky kid!

I’ve heard other women say that they were the very first business owner in their entire family! They had no other example of how leaving a “safe” job and starting their own business looked.

One example, in particular, is a woman who was a teacher and had two small children. Her husband was in the Army and got deployed and she could not survive on the income or the demanding schedule of a teacher’s situation as a somewhat single mom. So, she started her own business because she felt she had to! It was her only choice. Luckily, she was able to create a flexible lifestyle and a successful business as a marketing and branding coach for other small businesses.

My Dad had his own small business from as long as I can remember. My mom had her own small business and one year before I started my business my brother started his own business. I had example after example of what it looks like to have your own business. I just always imagined I’d start my own business. I truly think it was just in my blood!

My why:
If I have ALL of those examples and support to be successful and be my own boss then how could I NOT have my own business?? Other women have it so much harder than me and they’re doing it. That means I can too!

My point is, wherever you’re at in your journey, however you grew up, mentor or no mentor, you can do it too! Whatever your dream is, it’s not too big or too small. YOU CAN DO IT!

That’s all I got for today, have a great week!


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