Should I share my story?

A few weeks back I was having lovely conversation with a friend of mine who is a small business owner like me. She was telling me about this amazing experience she had on a recent trip. She said, “Omg Gina I had the most inspiring and unique experience with this volunteer group I was a part of over the summer. I have to tell you the story!”

I was quite intrigued and so happy that my dear friend wanted to share her life changing event with me! It was really a beautiful story about how it changed her perspective and how she looked at life a bit different now.

We changed subjects and she spoke about how she’s not consistent with sending emails to her clients and how she really wants to get back into a schedule of marketing to them.

“I so need to get back into weekly marketing for my business!”

I got a little nudge from the Universe and trusted my gut and simply said, “you have great material to write in your first email! That beautiful story you just told me about your volunteer experience is amazing! You could talk about how great it is being an entrepreneur and how you get to make your own schedule to do cool trips like this!”

I sensed her getting excited about the idea!

We all have material, experiences and stories within us to share with others. It feels SO good creating content by getting it out of my head and into my weekly emails or on my social media pages. Plus, it’s fun being creative in that way!

The bonus: it builds trust, likability AND connection.

Try it my friend! And if you do, share the story with me or at least let me know via email, DM or the next time I see you. 🙂


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