Just in case you wanna know who the heck I am, let me introduce myself..

I’m Gina! My friends describe me as loyal, fun, adventurous and hard working. I can be Extra at times and I’m overly obsessed with my business because it’s so rewarding.

Pink wigs, a delish glass of red wine, my fur babies, and a Greek/Irish hottie have my heart! My life is a mix of yoga pants and leather pants, glam and grime, calm and chaos, passion and perspiration.

I always have the loudest laugh in the room. (I was voted best laugh in high school.)
I love someone with a good sense of humor.
I don’t like rules.
I love yoga and doing dance workout videos.
Sometimes I swear too much ( I try not to around my 97 year old gram!)
I have an older brother named Vinnie whom I named my fur baby after. (I got his permission first FYI)

I’m a hairstylist, a business owner, a blogger, a doting girlfriend, sister, daughter, and friend. In my downtime you’ll find me with my fur babies and my honey at a dog friendly restaurant or watching a good Netflix show with them on our couch with a yummy glass of wine.

To get you started with a few more pieces of my story, here are some resources for you:

That time I opened up about something I’m kind of insecure about but know it’s really important to be ok with being uncomfortable:

Can I share a secret with you?

What I’m working on now in my business that literally makes me want to pee in my pants:

This is scary!

Something I FINALLY did that was pretty intimidating:

I’m feeling famous

Alright, friend…That’s it. I’m out. Next Monday, I’m comin’ at you with a special story so keep an eye out, ok?


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