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It’s that time of year again. Trees are getting ready to shed their leaves and Macy’s is (already) getting ready for Christmas!! And in that vein, I want to share some behind the scenes preparation for my personal branding photo shoot for my business. If you’re planning on taking pictures for an upcoming even, this will help you too!

These are the things that you’ll need to communicate with your photographer and steps you’ll need to prepare for a shoot.

-Define what your goal is or what you’d like to get out of the photo shoot. Is it 3 or 4 different looks for your blog? Is it a few different headshots for your website? Is it you holding or wearing the product that you sell?

-What’s the pricing per hour or per session?

-How long will it take to get the photos back? Will it include touch-ups?

-Communicate the above with your photographer in advance. Look at it as giving her a heads up. I always appreciate information in advance when my clients send over hair inspirations pictures before their appointment.

-Choose a location. Are you going on-site? Will you need to change in a car? I’m most comfortable doing the pictures in or around my house. That way it’s easy to change up my look. Otherwise you have to bring everything with you on location.

-The week before the photo shoot, plan, try on and lay out your outfits. It always helps me to get a visual when I lay the entire look on my bed. That includes jewelry, clothes, shoes and bags. I usually lay out options as well. Option 1 or 2 for earrings or heels for a look.

-Drink lots of water several days before the photo shoot. Trust me, your skin will look more hydrated and dewey.

-Make sure your nails are taken care of-either a fresh mani or no polish at all but please no chipped nails!

-Spray tan (if you like darker skin tone or feel that the pictures will turn out better with a deeper glow).

The day of the photo shoot:

-Give yourself extra time to get ready or hire a hair and makeup team. Then there’s no stress about how you’ll look.

-Play some of your favorite music to loosen you up a bit! This is a game changer. My fav is Cardi B! She gets me goingggggg!

-Nervous? Have a glass of wine! That always helps me loosen up a bit.

Questions about the process friends?? Hit me! I’m happy to help you out!!


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