Can I share a secret with you?

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

Hey there friend…

Can I share a secret with you?

I’m SO insecure about my writing sometimes.

In fact, last week I was thinking to myself, “what are you doing?! You’re not a writer. You’re a stylist!! Are you crazy??”

The minute I was in freak out mode, I got three sweet messages about my emails that I send out weekly:

“I’m just amazed at the intriguing style of writing you have developed. It’s like I can’t wait to read the articles you send me, I would say your writing classes are really working.”


Ok, that one was from my Mom!

To be fair, she’s very honest and wouldn’t give me a compliment if she didn’t really really really mean it! My mom knows how hard I’ve been working on my copy for my business especially after I enrolled in The Copy Cure two years ago. It’s an online course that taught me how to connect by using my words. I’m learning that using my words builds trust and likability AND it’s a way to convert followers into customers.

And another one:

“You are killing it with the emails!!!

Dang, that felt good to hear too!

Last one:

“I’m liking your emails. Leveling up!!!”

I mean c’mon! Thank you universe for the exact encouragement right when I needed it.

Because if I can inspire you, entertain you, make you laugh, distract you from a stressful day, or get you jazzed up, then I tell myself, “just do it! Just post it! Just write it and hit send!” If just one person has a better day because of what I wrote, I feel like I’ve accomplished my goal.

Question friend: Have you gone out on a limb aka wayyy out of your comfort zone in the past and thought you were taking crazy pills in doing so??

It would tickle me fancy to hear about it! 🙂 Respond in the comments below and enlighten me…


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