Reverse engineering. Ever hear of it?? (Psst-game changer!)

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”

Well hey there my friend.

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly trying to find ways to combat the feeling of being overwhelmed. I know that time is a commodity. I want to feel like I’m in control of my life and my time, not the other way around!!

I’ve found a little trick that works for me with my finances, my new work out routine (stay tuned for that one-I’m going to share my journey in the next few weeks) and my yearly goals.

The first time I ever heard about reverse engineering was from my business mentor, Marie Forleo. It’s quite interesting. Let me explain.

Let’s say it’s October 1st and you want to lose 40 pounds by December 31st. 13 weeks total.

You divide 40 by 13 which is approximately 3 pounds per week. When you look at it like that 3 pounds a week sounds doable and not so overwhelming, right?!

That’s reverse engineering.

Another example: you want to save up $10,000 in one year. You divide 10,000 by 52 which is approximately $192 every week, or $27 a day. Again, not so overwhelming when you look at it that way and use the reverse engineer technique.

One caveat: you have to be clear with your goals and specific with the steps that you’re willing to take to get you there.

Here’s a trick I once learned from my older, wiser brother about 10 years ago. I LOVE to read, but often I don’t make it a priority. I listen to educational podcasts about three hours a day and once in a while a book on iTunes.

Vinnie, my brother was reading SO many books every month. I swear every time I talked to him he was reading a new book! I said, “bro, you’re crazy busy, how do you have time to read that much?!” He said, “it’s simple, I just get to work 10 minutes early every day and read the book in my car with my coffee.”

Hmmm… good idea bro!

Lately, I’ve incorporated this into my routine……….10 minutes of reading every morning. Dang, I bet I can get through a TON of books in the next year.

This is very simple but works well in so many different ways!

I’m curious, have you ever reverse engineered a goal? I’d love to cheer you on. So respond below in the comments and let me know!

Have a fantastic week!


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