I almost collapsed in her arms!

“What defines us is how well we rise after falling.”

One of my favorite things about my styling business is when I meet a really cool client that I connect with at the VERY first appointment. Maida was one of those clients. I met her about a year before her wedding. I did 7 or 8 different hair trial styles for her, which is much more than a typical bride.

She had a lot of parties to go to in that year so I was totally down to “play” with her hair as many times as it took for us to get it right and explore alllllll the options.

Her wedding day was lovely and she looked GORG!

After her wedding I hadn’t seen her for quite some time. When she came back to me I said, “Maida, where have you been?! I hope you’re O.K.!!” She said, “actually I’m not O.K. Shortly after my wedding I was diagnosed with brain cancer and I’ve been going through chemo and radiation. They removed the tumor and I’m better now but half of my head is bald.”

HOLY moly! I almost collapsed in HER arms! What??! You’re only 30 years old!!!

Luckily, 10 years later she’s healthy and cancer free!

Unfortunately, the surgery left half of her head bald underneath. I recommended extensions for her so we could hide the balk patch. She practically cried from happiness when we were all done with her extensions the first time because she said she felt like “herself” again.

Her bald patch has mostly grown back now, but we still do permanent extensions on her to this day. And she’s still one of my favorite people!

Check out this behind the scenes video on what the extensions look like before we put them in:

Here’s her luscious locks…

I’m curious. Have you ever made anyone cry from pure happiness? I’d love to hear all about it! Respond in the comments below and let me know. 🙂


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