What’s purple, black and white?!

I’m glad you asked!

Hello my friend 🙂 Happy happy weekend to you!

While watching a recent masterclass on branding my business and how it works, I found out why it’s so critical. (WAIT! What? I have to market, budget, organize, hire, fire and now BRAND my business??!)

Ok, I got this!

For example: colors, fonts and symbols are an important way to define your business because it gives consistency to the brand recognition.

I’ve always loved the color purple and came up with this logo, font and colors for my business 7 or 8 years ago, when I had NO idea what the psychology of color meant!

Royalty, luxury, sophistication, authority, power and cleanliness are some of the words that describe the colors of my logo. Whoahhhh!

Here’s my logo:

Of course, I went around asking everyone I know what their favorite color was. Very interesting responses to how their answer correlates with their personality!

I asked my honey what his favorite color was, I guessed it would be blue (I was right!) and it described his personality to a T: trustworthy, loyal, intelligent, confident.

Dang, I’m a lucky girl :):)

Have you ever heard of the psychology of color? What’s your favorite color?! I’d love for you to respond in the comments below and share that info with me!


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