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“Someone else’s win is not your loss”

Isn’t that the truth my friend?! Do you ever have a case of the comparsies??

I do! I compare myself to friends, family, other business owners, to people on the internet that I don’t even know! That’s just crazy, that’s not fair to ME!

I’m very conscious of doing a LOT less of that now, but I do slip up every once in a while.

One way to stop that way of thinking is to make a list of all the things you’re currently really proud of. I’ve been doing that lately, and it really helps keep my blinders on and my eye on the prize.

I’ll go first, but don’t leave me hanging: what’s one or two things that you’re really proud of today?

Things I’m proud of today:

-I’ve invested thousands of $ in educational programs that help me learn and grow as a businesswoman and give me confidence to make bold moves in my business.

-I’ve created a working lifestyle. When I work two full days it pays for all of my bills for the month.

-I make a conscious effort to save any extra money I make or put it back into my business because I know it will pay off long term.

-I schedule quality time for my family, close friends, my honey and my doggies regularly.

-I do not put up with crap from anyone anymore. I just remove myself from any situation that doesn’t light me up or I simply stand up for myself.

-I refuse to get distracted with things that don’t serve me anymore (id:scrolling on Instagram, watching junk tv, people that I don’t feel good being around).

-I make a conscious choice to take good care of my body by sleeping 7-8 hours a night and eating as healthy as I can.

-I’ve taken up cooking because I know it’s a great way to eat healthy, save money and bond with the people (usually my honey) that I’m cooking for.

It also pushes me creatively in a brand new way.

-I’m taking a bold step to move the needle financially in my business by creating an on-line course that will help other new business owners cut the fat and get to their end goals much quicker than I did.

-I don’t play small anymore and I’m going to ask the universe for exactly what I want. I know and believe I can get it and I deserve it. (If others have it, so can I!)

-I have a daily financial goal that I know I can make every single day 365 days a year if I prioritize. plan and execute strategically.

-I learned the importance of permission-based emails. I have produced one every single Monday (no matter what was happening in my personal life) for 64 weeks now!! I put everything I have into my weekly content. My list has grown 8 times larger than when I began. My goal is to continue to grow my email list so I can inspire, motivate and entertain even more people.

Whew, that’s a lot of stuff! It feels good getting it out of my head and onto paper.

Your turn, let me know in the comments below what’s one thing you’re really proud of. I want to cheer you on.



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