I wanted to be a singer!

“Life isn’t about finding yourself…Life is about creating yourself.”

Vividly I remember standing in my parents kitchen at about 5 years old being asked by and adult (whom I don’t remember, I think a family friend) what do you want to be when you grow up. I excitedly said, “a singer!!”

It seemed so glamorous to me as a little girl. I would wear fancy clothes and have fancy hair and wear lots of jewelry! Oh, and I’d wear high heels too!! I could picture myself on stage singing and performing to an audience, I was going to LOVE it!

I only went as far as to sing in my high school choir. I quickly moved on to taking dancing classes and ended up being the captain on my Pom-Pom squad in high school. 🙂

Fast forward about 7 years to my modeling days…. I thought now that’s what I want to be….. a runway model!! Begrudgingly my Dad let me enroll in Barbizon modeling school. It was expensive at the time and, luckily, my mom was totally on board. I think she talked him into it! She was always up for me following my dreams. The only requirement was that I work hard and stay committed. Unfortunately, my modeling days didn’t last long because I soon realized that I had to take my figure very seriously and monitor everything I ate. And I like to eat!!

I learned self confidence in a BIG way during those 5 years of modeling school. The teachers taught me how to do my makeup, my hair, how to have proper posture at all times, how to walk on the runway and OWN it and how to pose for pictures. I made a really good group of friends there and bonded with all my teachers.

And then about 10 years ago, while I was still working at Mario Tricoci, it hit me! I am a performer! As a hairstylist I’m always on stage because my clients watch me AND I get to wear fancy clothes and shoes and lots of jewelry. So you see, my younger years were all leading up to what I really wanted to be when I grew up. #fullcirclemoment

Was it in my blood to be a stylist or did I unknowingly will it into existence?? I don’t know. Maybe both.

I’m curious, as far back as you can remember, what was the very FIRST thing you wanted to be when you grew up? Respond in the comments below and please let me know!

     XXX~Gina (the performer)

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