I can save you $4,800

In a recent article from Prisoner of Class, they reveal how much women actually spend on clothing and accessories.

“Women who are aged 55 or over will average just under $100,000 during their lives, once again based on their current spending habits. It appears most women, on average will spend between $150 and $400 on clothing on a monthly basis, which equates to approximately $1,800 to $4,800 per year.” Aug 20, 2018.

Very interesting. Here’s my personal journey.

I’m a huge fan of mixing and matching up pieces in my wardrobe.

What does that mean?! Mixing colors, patterns, layering accessories, adding a wig AND low cost pieces paired with an expensive piece.

Also, I loveee to add a new accessory to an old dress so it feels fresh and exciting again.

If you haven’t already, check out the blog below where I talk about not shopping for one year.

BUT…that was 7 months ago!!! So that means I haven’t purchased ONE piece of clothing or a new pair of shoes in 19 months!!! I have, however, added accessories and wigs from Glamhairus to my wardrobe.

Do you want me to show YOU how to shop in your own closet?!

Then you need to book a closet editing appointment right now!!!

Email me at Gina@Glamhairus.com to schedule a phone consultation to see if this type of appointment is right for you 🙂

Click this link:
You wouldn’t believe me if I told you

Here are a few of my outfits that I’ve had for a long time.


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